The Spiritual Benefits of Cosmology

There is a spiritual content to cosmology that I think is tremendously attractive. I find that my own happiness has really increased a lot since I’ve learned about modern cosmology.  I think everyone needs a sense of belonging to something really big and important.  And I didn’t have that when I was younger.

What is a spiritual orientation is a sense of relationship to the larger universe.  I don’t use the word spiritual to mean something’s out there, some being out there.  But I do use the word spiritual to mean my experience of how I fit into the universe.  And I can experience that if I know how I fit into the universe.  I can’t if I don’t. 

So by understanding a modern picture of cosmology, even at just an intuitive non-detailed level, people can get a wonderful spiritual sense of how they fit into the universe, which I think is invaluable and really could be the motivation for making the big changes that we need to make.

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"Opening the Gateways to Inspiration" - Miles Collins

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We are meant to create, to express, to learn, to live.

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